Pull public sector data out of the sheet hole

The new way to capture, manage & share public sector data.

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Multi-user cloud-based spreadsheets

Role based permissioning

No IT. No Code. In no time. 

Capture data directly through web forms

No code automation saves hours a day

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Capture, track, manage and mobilize your data specific to your agency

Here's why you should replace spreadsheets

One version for everyone

GovSheets is the single source of truth for your data - accessible to multiple users from anywhere with role based permissioning.

Suffering from the sheets?

Every time you share, a new spreadsheet version is created. Add to this all your spreadsheets. The result - chaos.

Omit duplications & errors

Ensure data integrity. Ensure that users enter data in the correct formats. Track who changed what.

Your data at anyone's whim

Anyone who has access to your spreadsheets can make any changes they like

Organize your data with relational connections

Use relational tables to optimally connect and organize your data.

Columns and columns and columns and duplications

Organize your data by adding yet another column

Secure sharing with 0 clicks

Public authorities need to share resources and lists with various stakeholders. Manage this data in GovSheets, instantly show select data on your website. Data is dynamically updated.

Scramble to publish new data

Data is shared with public stakeholders through spreadsheets which everyone has to download. Managers are constantly scrambling to upload the latest file whenever there are changes

Here are more reasons to switch

Capture data with beautiful web forms

Drag and drop to create beautiful web forms to capture data directly into your tables.

Save hours a day by automating repeat manual tasks

Leverage the automation engine to automate manual tasks through simple if-then rules.

Top notch security for public sector needs

In addition to granular controlrs over who sees what, multi layered permissions and more at the application level, we meet the most stringent security protocols in the market.